Accelerated Learning: Junior High Schools

Clay County District Schools is dedicated to creating and offering a robust education designed to fit every child’s and parent’s needs. As such, Clay County offers several Junior High School Choice options and will continue to strive to create additional opportunities for all students.


Keystone, Lakeside , Green Cove, Orange Park, and Oakleaf Junior High Schools offer Cambridge's Pre-AICE program to qualifying student applicants. The program provides students with learning structures that support higher order thinking skills. Students in the program can potentially earn multiple high school credits.

Click here for more information about Cambridge Pathways.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

Lake Asbury Junior High School is developing a school that combines creativity and innovation through project-based learning. Along with schoolwide project-based activities, LAJH will also have a STEAM accelerated pathway for qualifying student applicants.

Early High School

Keystone, Orange Park, and Wilkinson Junior High Schools have accelerated learning programs that offer the flexibility to infuse high school credit courses into students' schedules and qualify for any of Clay County District Schools' accelerated high school programs.