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Ready to Register for Home Education?

Step one


a. If your child is currently enrolled in a Clay County Public School, you must go to the school and withdraw your child. Return any textbooks, library books, technology or other school property to the school when withdrawing to avoid charges or fines. A student cannot be registered as a home education student if they have not been released from their current school.

Currently homeschooling and new to our area? Families new to Clay County who were homeschooling in their previous Florida school district can transfer their program to Clay County and keep their original evaluation due date. Use this Transfer Form to request a program transfer. (Send a copy of the form to the former school district and a copy sent to for processing in Clay County. Keep a copy for your records). Homeschool families from other states need to follow the steps below to establish a new Florida home education program

b. Submit the Intent to Homeschool form electronically using this form.

c. Parents have the freedom to use the curriculum of their choice to educate their child(ren.) Students are registered with the school district of residence in order to comply with Florida's compulsory school attendance requirements. Please go to Begin a Home Ed Program for more resources provided by Florida Department of Education.

Florida Virtual School curriculum: If you would like your student to use Florida Virtual School (directly through them or via Clay Virtual Academy teachers) please make sure to create an account for your student and request courses at For school of enrollment when registering at FLVS, select Home Education Program. Or if your student already has an account, be sure to update their school of enrollment information to reflect the new home education enrollment and then request the classes. Keep in mind that students taking FLVS/CVA courses must meet the pacing and weekly work requirements or risk being dropped from those courses.

Click here for directions.

Step two


a. Parents/Guardians are required to create and maintain a portfolio of the student’s work for two years. The portfolio can be reviewed by a Florida certified teacher as part of the required annual evaluation. A sample portfolio is provided for your use and guidance but you are not required to use this specific sample. Click here to open a Sample Portfolio. A portfolio is required if the parent is using their own curriculum. If they are using a school’s curriculum (for example Florida Virtual School), the transcripts can be kept as part of the record. In some cases, parents keep a portfolio of non-virtual school coursework and a transcript record of the virtual or other school-type coursework. Please go to Requirements for more information.

b. Portfolio is keep contemporaneously (as your student does the work) and includes the following:

  • A log of educational activities

  • Specific Titles of reading or instructional materials used,

  • Samples of student’s work

c. Superintendent’s review of the portfolio- State law allows the Superintendent or designee (the home education administrator) to inspect a student’s portfolio given a 15 day notice to the parent to produce the portfolio for inspection. This may be done if there is a history of non-attendance, past due evaluation, or other concerns that the student is not minimally engaged in a home education program as defined by state statute. Based on prior non-attendance concerns or failure to meet compulsory attendance laws, some home education programs may also require a monthly review of the portfolio and student work until the home education program is well established. A review committee made up of the district home education administrator, two or more established home education program providers (parents with 3 or more years of successful homeschool experience), and the parent will review the portfolio and student progress to help ensure the home education program is meeting the requirements of state statute. Other participants may be a part of the committee as needed. The review committee decides when a home education program in a monthly review status no longer needs monthly monitoring.

Step three


a. Send in your student’s annual evaluation every year on the anniversary date of home school registration. If you began a home education program on May 1st, the annual evaluation will be due on May 1st of the following year, and each year you continue to home school. For your convenience, we recommend you use our Annual Evaluation Form. Refer to your confirmation notice when you filed your letter of intent for your home education program dates including start date and annual evaluation due date. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date with the home education office so that reminders and notices reach you including your address, phone number and email address. Please go to Requirements for more information about the evaluation piece of home education programs.

b. See Parent/Home Education FAQ document pages 4-5 regarding acceptable evaluations.

c. We will accept the evaluation via Mail: Clay County Home Education Office. 2306 Kingsley Avenue, BLDG #20. Orange Park, FL 32073. Fax: 904-336-9881 Email: HSCINFO@MYONECLAY.NET

d. Failure to submit an annual evaluation places the home education program in non-compliance and permits the Superintendent, after notice to the parent/guardian, to terminate the program. If the Home Education Office does not receive the evaluation, the home education program will be terminated and your child/children will be required to enroll/re-enroll in public or private school to meet the compulsory attendance law.

Step four

WITHDRAWAL (Should you decide to discontinue a homeschooling program)

a. Email the Homeschool Withdrawal Form and a final evaluation within 30 days of closing your home education program, as required by Florida Statute 1002.41 Home Education Programs to, HSCINFO@MYONECLAY.NET .

b. Termination by the School District- if you are found to be in non-compliance with the state requirements to maintain a functioning home education program (failure to submit an evaluation on time or failure to provide the portfolio for review when required), the Superintendent/Designee may terminate your home education program following a notice requesting you to comply with the requirements established by Florida statute.

c. If your student is within the compulsory attendance age (6-16 years old), he or she will be required to enroll/re-enroll at their zoned school or a private/charter school within 3 days of termination or be considered in violation of the compulsory attendance laws. School district terminated home education programs may not re-enter a home education program for 180 calendar days from the date of termination.

NOTICE OF LOWERED EARNING POTENTIAL FOR TERMINATING AT AGE 16 or older (prior to completing high school):

Students who are 16 years of age or older are not required to be enrolled in a registered public, private, or homeschool school program as required by compulsory attendance laws. However, it is highly recommended that all students continue in their home education or other program until they have completed four years of high school level instruction in the core academic subjects and had opportunities to explore a variety of elective areas to prepare them for college or a career of their choice. Students who stop participating in formal education prior to completing a typical K-12 learning program are statistically more likely to have lower earning potential and fewer economic opportunities as adults.