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Questions? Please email hscinfo@myoneclay.net or call 904-336-9893 

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Home education students who meet eligibility are allowed to play sports at their zoned schools. For athletics clearance to play sports at your zoned school obtain the clearance form from the athletic director at the school. Complete the student information section and then email the form to HSCinfo@myoneclay.net for signature.  The form will be processed and sent back via email within a week.

Dual Enrollment

Home education students may dually enroll as high school students with a local college. The parent/guardian enters into an articulation agreement with the college on behalf of the student and the college often requires verification of home education enrollment. Obtain the verification form from the college admissions or registration office, complete the student information section, and email the form to: HSCinfo@myoneclay.net for signature. The form will be processed and sent back via email within a week. 

Change of Address Request

Parents are required to update their contact information and address if it changes. As a reminder, your home education program is registered in the school district where the student lives. If you move out of Clay County, you will need to either close or transfer your program (see the menu item on Withdrawing from Home Education for more information). Please click here to submit a change of address/contact information request.

Bright Futures- Home Education students can be eligible to earn Florida Bright Futures. For more information about Bright Futures, visit the link below. Part of the Bright Futures requirement is a volunteer or work documentation. To submit volunteer/work document to the home education office for processing, please first ensure the student has established an account with Bright Futures. Then use the volunteer hours form to submit hours to the home education office for posting to the student’s Bright Future’s account.  Email the completed form to HSCinfo@myoneclay.net.   Click here for more information.

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