Step 2: Register For A Home Education Program (Intent to Homeschool) 

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Start a NEW Homeschool Program

NOTE: Home education is not a public school program. It is a parent directed educational program of the parent’s choice to meet statutory attendance purposes only. There is no set required curriculum nor is there a  public high school diploma awarded to students. Parents must maintain all education records for the student. 

Notice- If your child is currently enrolled in a Clay County Public School, you must go to the school and withdraw your child. Return any textbooks, library books, technology or other school property to the school when withdrawing to avoid charges or fines. A student cannot be registered as a home education student until they have been released from their current school. 



Complete the “intent to homeschool” form electronically or you may submit a letter of intent to the home school office via mail or email. At a minimum, the letter of intent must include: student’s full legal name, student’s date of birth, student’s residential address in Clay County, and the program start date. Please also provide the following for our district registration system: student’s gender, grade level, and last school attended, if available. 

You may choose your own program start date. However, the start date must be within 30 days of the date the letter of intent is submitted to the home education office. For example, if you plan to start homeschooling your student on September 1, you can file the intent to homeschool with the home education office anytime between August 1 and October 1. Your chosen start date will also determine your program annual evaluation due date, which will be due one year from the start date.

Parents have the freedom to use the curriculum of their choice to educate their child(ren.) Students are registered with the school district of residence in order to comply with Florida's compulsory school attendance requirements. Please go to Begin a Home Ed Program for more resources provided by Florida Department of Education.  If you plan to use the curriculum or courses provided by Florida Virtual School  (FLVS flex) or Clay Virtual Academy, please see the section below for more information. 



As soon as you start your program, begin documenting your student’s progress and work in the portfolio immediately. You will receive an emailed letter of confirmation of registration of your home education program from the home education office. This letter serves as your official record of registration and should be kept with your student’s school records. If you do not receive the confirmation letter within 10 business days of submitting the letter of intent, please contact the home education office:


Currently homeschooling and new to our area? 

Families new to Clay County who were homeschooling in their previous Florida school district can transfer their program to Clay County and keep their original evaluation due date. Use this Transfer Form to request a program transfer. (Send a copy of the form to the former school district and a copy sent to for processing in Clay County. Keep a copy for your records). 

Homeschool families from other states need to follow the steps above to establish a new Florida home education program. 


Continuing Your Home Education Program from one school year to the next?

You do NOT need to submit a new intent to homeschool each year. As long as you submit your required annual evaluation, your student’s program registration will automatically roll over to the next school year.

Using FLVS Flex Curriculum:

If you would like your student to use Florida Virtual School (directly through them or via Clay Virtual Academy teachers) please make sure to create an account for your student and request courses at 

For school of enrollment when registering at FLVS, select Home Education Program (in the student profile this is the student’s “physical school”).  Or if your student already has an account, be sure to update their school of enrollment information to reflect the new home education enrollment under “physical school” and then request the classes. (in the student profile this is the student’s “physical school”).  

Parents must approve all course requests and provide proof of Florida residency in the student’s FLVS account prior to classes being assigned.  Click here for directions.

Keep in mind that students taking FLVS/CVA courses must meet the pacing and weekly work requirements or risk being dropped from those courses. Using CVA teachers requires students to meet part-time enrollment requirements at CVA (proof of Clay County residency and immunizations will be required. You will be contacted by the CVA registration office for any documentation needed prior to assignment to a teacher).

FLVS Flex versus FLVS full time: If your student applied and was accepted into the FLVS full time program, your student does not need to be registered in a home education program. However, if you did not apply to FLVS’s full time program or your student was not accepted and you want to use their curriculum, you may do so under their FLVS flex program. This does require the student to be registered in the school district as a home education student and proof of Florida residency uploaded into the student’s FLVS account by the student/parent. (If you are unsure of your student’s FLVS status, please confirm with them whether or not home education registration in your school district is required).  Contact FLVS for all FLVS registration and class/course questions: 1-800-374-1430. Once the student creates an account, the student is also assigned a FLVS Flex guidance counselor who can also assist you in picking classes. That person’s contact information can be found under the student’s “academic profile” in their account.